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Tips to Hire the Best Essay Service

Researching a topic to write an essay on can be time-consuming, even at undergraduate level and especially at Master’s and PhD levels. This often leaves students with less than enough time to complete their assignments.

Other times, the deadline for a paper is too tight, and considering all the other homework that students have to do means they may need some help with their writing assignments. Luckily, you can now get the help you need through an academic writing service; the downside is that there are so many around that it can be difficult to know which to pick.

Tips to help you decide

1. The level of detail required:

While it may be tempting to go with the provider that only asks for the topic and deadline, offering more information about your assignment can get you a much better structured and styled paper. So make sure to provide the following details:

  • deadline
  • number of pages
  • the type of paper (essay, dissertation, coursework, case study, report, etc.)
  • referencing style (APA, MLA, etc.)
  • your needs (writing the paper from scratch or simply editing and proofreading an assignment that you have already worked on)
  • PowerPoint slides (mention if you also need any slides to accompany your essay)

2. Price:

You don’t want to spend too much, but not too little either, as often price and quality go hand in hand. What you need is to find a service that offers a balance between price and quality, and avoid very cheap providers if you don’t want to end up with an inaccurate or even a plagiarized essay.

Be aware that if you use an academic paper that was written previously and already bought by other students, even without you knowing it, you risk getting caught and punished, even expelled.

3. Reviews:

Setting some time aside to go through what other students had to say about your chosen academic writing service is a surefire way to get trusted, custom essays that fetch good grades.

4. Social responsibility:

Both you and the writing company should be socially responsible and understand that while it is alright to order a paper on Literature or History, for example, there are other subjects, like Medicine and Aviation that require your constant commitment to learning and researching.

That’s because you need to be highly knowledgeable yourself in certain topics, like the ones mentioned above, especially if you intend to work in those fields after graduation. Having someone else do the work for you in college and university has the potential to cause serious damage later on.

Additional, equally important perks to look out for

While these are not mandatory and not all academic writing service providers offer them, they are still good to get whenever you can.


There are two types of revisions taking place: the writer’s and your own. Professional writers routinely review their own work to ensure all requirements are met and the paper is accurate.

As for the customer’s revision, sometimes you get a set number of reviews before paying; other times the number of revisions is unlimited. Note that whether you can get them for free or for an additional cost depends solely on the provider, so check in advance.

Plagiarism report:

Sometimes a detailed report is offered for free, but most of the time there is a set fee to pay – typically for every 5000 words checked or so.

On-time delivery:

This is yet another crucial perk so that you don’t miss out on points for turning in the paper late.


Paying less is always nice, and some academic writing service providers offer discounts if you meet specific criteria. The customer support staff can give you all the information you need on this subject.

What to expect

Since you hire a service for a fee, you can expect quality, creative essay in return. For a good grade, both the creative and the technical aspects of writing are important, and experts can offer both.

The writer assigned to your project should be knowledgeable and experienced in the subject matter, and be familiar with the style and formatting your teacher requested. Ideally, they should be native English speakers or command the language at a native level for the ideas to flow smoothly.